2015 Design Award Winners

In 2015 we were pleased to present awards to outstanding projects in central Missouri.  Our awards jury was made up of members of the Southwest Michigan Chapter of AIA, a chapter similar in size and makeup to AIA Mid-Missouri.  The jury commented, "All of the jury members were very excited to see the projects that were submitted and found it very difficult to judge due to the high level of quality in the presentations.  Congratulations to the Mid Missouri Chapter for its terrific work."

The 2015 award winning designs are:
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OHM Professional Office Building, Columbia, Missouri
Merit Award with Environmental Sustainability Citation

Unlimited Opportunities, Inc, Boonville, Missouri
Merit Award with Societal Advancement Citation

Johnston Hall Renovation, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
Merit Award with Historic Preservation Citation

Sabai Dining, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
Merit Award

Brouder Science Center, Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri
Honorable Mention

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