AIA/CES Continuing Education

AIA Mid-Missouri is an "AIA/CES Registered Provider" of continuing education programs for members.  This means that AIA Mid-Missouri is one of more than 2500 educational providers within the AIA/CES systems made up of AIA Chapters, affiliate organizations, manufacturers, universities, other non-profit organizations and government agencies.  Our goal is to provide the best available continuing education opportunities to our membership and related industry professionals.

Learn more online at the AIA Continuing Education Page

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All AIA members must complete 18 AIA/CES Learning Units (LUs) during the calendar year from January to December.  You need 18 total hours including 12 Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) subjects.  For assistance, email AIA CES or call the AIA National office at (202) 626-7436.

AIA Board Mainstreams Sustainable Design Education

Recognizing that sustainable design practices have become a mainstream design intention in the architectural community, the Board of Directors voted to allow the sustainable design education requirement to sunset at the end of calendar year 2012.  AIA members will no longer need to complete the sustainable design requirement to fulfill their AIA continuing education.  For 2013, AIA members are required to satisfy a minimum of 18 LUs per year.  Of this total, 12 must meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) criteria.

Look for the AIA/CES provider logo to find approved programs

When you see the AIA/CES logo advertised in conjunction with educational seminars, workshops, and conferences you'll know the specific program has been registered through the AIA CES system.  If a program is registered, this means that all members who register and attend will have their time recorded for credit by the provider (for example, AIA Mid-Missouri).  AIA/CES records are kept on file with the University of Oklahoma where transcripts are maintained for all AIA members.

How to Identify a Good CES Provider

A high-quality CES provider delivers the education you want based upon what they say they provide.  The big question is:  Does the provider deliver as promised?  The course presenter should at least be knowledgeable and communicate effectively.  Below are a few more indications:

Self-Report programs you attend that are not registered with AIA/CES

If a program is not offered by AIA Mid-Missouri or another AIA/CES registered provider, AIA members have the option of self-reporting independent activities or research.  The intent of this activity must be educational in nature and related to new knowledge in reference to their practice of architecture.  The AIA national component offers an excellent Frequently Asked Questions section where members can learn more about Self-Reported Activities and other AIA/CES requirements.

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Click here to view your transcript and complete your AIA/CES self-report form online through the AIA National Component web site.  After you enter your AIA member number you will be directed to a site to view your transcript online, fill out your online self-report form, and many other AIA CES options.