AIA is architects working to create better places where people live and work.  AIA members work to improve America's communities through thoughtful planning and design.

AIA Mid-Missouri's Community Committee fosters connections to local communities through public alliances with other professions, industries, and businesses; develops civic opportunities that enhance perceptions of AIA's value to our communities and their residents; coordinates continual freshening of chapter website; and identifies opportunities for AIA Mid-Missouri to give back to the community through an organized, long-term volunteer relationship.

Some of the community activites that we have participated in are:

Canstruction:  a project where construction & design professionals cooperate and compete to make sculptures of canned foods, which are then donated to the local food bank.

Earth Day:  participation in the local celebrations of this "green" event, providing information about building green (sustainable construction) and other related topics.

Barkitecture: an opportunity to design and build fanciful dog houses which are then auctioned to benefit the local humane society.