AIA Mid-Missouri is dedicated to promoting and sustaining architects in their quest for excellence in all fields of our profession.  One of the cornerstones of a successful practice in architecture is the continual development of one's knowledge base through experience and education.

The AIA has developed a sophisticated education system, AIA/CES, emphasizing and recording members' participation in a myriad of learning activities.  It has also created a vast network of knowledge-based communities to connect you with your colleagues - like minded groups that help you meet other architecture professionals with shared interests, expertise, and experience.

Continuing Education is a membership requirement for AIA members.  The extra education enables the architect to keep up on current trends, ideas and information; master new knowledge and skills; plan for the future and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to its architects.  Continuing education credit is available in a variety of forms and from many different sources.

AIA Knowledge Communities
Visit the AIA National website to learn more about the vast array of interest areas available to members.  Joining these communities will allow the AIA provide you with timely information on awards, research, industry news, programs and opportunities to network both in-person and online in your specific areas of interest.  Connect with AIA KnowledgeNet.